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Remote Location Support and Expedition Vessel

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New Zealand Registered, Owned and Crewed by New Zealanders.
 Available for Voyages through all Southern Oceans of The World.
  • South Pacific
  • Antarctica
  • French Polynesia
  • Southern Atlantic
  • Indian Ocean
  • Solomons / Vanuatu

Pitcairn to Moorea

If  it's got WATER around it we can take you there, under it, on it and above it.

Braveheart 3

We have been doing the impossible since 1995.

BRAVEHEART   is operated by:
Stoney Creek Shipping Co. Ltd.
PO BOX 1236
Palmerston North
New Zealand

Nigel Jolly   owner
Phone  0064274420381 mobile
Brenda Jolly office
Phone  006463574863
Matt Jolly   ship's Master
Nigel Jolly
Nigel Jolly

BRAVEHEART  brief details
Length: 39 metres
Construction: All steel
Engine: NIIGATA 1200 hp
Generators: 2 x Niigata 125 kVA
RIB Boats: 5.2m with 90 hp outboard
4.8m with jet unit for coral reefs and ice
Accommodation: 12 passengers in 2 berth cabins, air-conditioned
Crew: Normally 5
Helicopter deck
Fuel capacity: 94000 lts
Range: 33days steaming 24hrs per day
Water capacity: 6000 lts
Water maker: 4500 lts per day
Ship air conditioned and heated
Last slipping for survey: Jan 2007. Under New Zealand Safe Ship Management.
Survey company: Survey Nelson.
Owned and operated by our company since 1998.